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Jazz Club - Felix Robert Faecq

Félix Robert Faecq (1901-1992) was a well-known music producer and publisher during more than sixty years, in light music as well as in jazz, a field in which he was a pioneer.

In 1925, he created his own musical publishing company, « International Music Company » (IMC), and opened a record and score shop located rue de la Madeleine, in the heart of Brussels. He organised the first jazz concerts in Belgium, and the first jazz competitions, which attracted a large public at Beaux-Arts.

He created several labels, among which « Jazz Club ». On this label, he produced and published jazz musicians such as David Bee,Peter Packay, Stan Brenders, Gus Deloof, Fud Candrix, Sadi, John Ouwerx, Herman Sandy, among others.

He also published the famous newspaper « Music » and « Aux Frontières du Jazz », by Robert Goffin, the first book in Europe on jazz music.

Félix Faecq promoted important american jazz catalogues in Europe, and became, in 1940, president of the « Chambre Syndicale des Editeurs de Musique ». In partnership with Jacques Kluger, he developed the activities of « World Music Company ». Later on, he created « Bizet Productions and Publications ». It is in this company that I had the opportunity to produce new jazz CD’s performed by some of our most talented contemporary jazz musicians (see photos hereabove).

Félix Faecq was an inveterate defender of the author’s rights, at both the national and international levels. He was a member of the Board of Directors of Sabam, Secretary of the « Jazz Club de Belgique », and President of the « International Union of Music Publishers ».

His personality was happy, optimistic, and honest. He had a world-wide vision of his profession, and he loved jazz! He devoted his life to the promotion of artists and of their works.

He was my godfather and a close family member. He deserves all my respect and gratitude.